Glixtone Sterilising Solution

Glixtone Sterilising Solution is used to sterilise prepared surfaces prior to the application of Glixtone Fungi-Shield Paint. This product is designed to kill and prevent the re-growth of mould, algae and fungus.

  • Eliminates spores
  • Colourless
  • Concentrate or ready mixed
  • Easy to apply



  • First, wash the affected areas with Glixtone Concentrate Sterilising Solution diluted 5:1 with water. You may not need to use 5 litres. If not, mark the 240ml container into 5 equal parts, each of which can be diluted with 1 Litre of water. Allow to dry.

    After the above treatment, you may notice a ‘Stained’ area. These are Mould Spores which may grow back. On these ‘Stained’ areas apply Glixtone Concentrate Sterilising Solution UNDILUTED using a sponge and rubber or disposable gloves. Wipe over the stained area with the Sterilising Solution but DO NOT WASH OFF.

    Leave to FULLY dry.

    This will kill the spores and seal against oxygen ingress.

    If there are other stains such as water marks, rust stains etc, then a ‘Stain Block’ should be used prior to application of Glixtone Fungi–Shield.

    Fungi-Shield can now be painted on the whole area.

    After 5 days this painted area will be fully washable and give a high quality emulsion finish, ideal for any internal areas that are susceptible to mould or organic growth including: walls, ceilings, woodwork, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living areas.

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Leaflet Technical Data Sheet Health and Safety Sheet GS36 Health and Safety Sheet GS37