Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does Glixtone Fungi-Shield work and Others Don’t?

Other Fungicidal/Anti-Mould paints use an additive which is mixed into an already made Emulsion Paint. This means that not all of the paint will carry the same amount of the Fungicide which protects against Mould growth.

Glixtone use an Acrylic Resin and their own Fungicide and an Algaecide which forms a thermal barrier to areas subject to varying temperatures and condensation, eg kitchens, bathrooms, shower rooms, bedrooms even Living Rooms etc.

All of the constituents of the paint are added in a formulated process and dispersed to ensure that all the pigments and constituents including UV stabilisers, algaecides, and fungicides are coated evenly in the paint blend to produce a paint that is consistent, stable and which will promote all of its anti-fungal properties.

The paint is tested and fine tuned to ensure that its application properties are fully utilised and the quality is up to our extremely high specification.

This means that the active anti-fungal biocidal components are evenly bonded to the active constituent of the paint to ensure that it is evenly distributed when coated out to prevent mould infestation.

This ensures that every part of Glixtone Fungi-Shield carries the same amount of the active biocide and when applied every part of the surface will be protected.

2. Do I Need a Stain Block?

Only if there is any other staining apart from Blackspot/Mould on the surface to be painted, such as water damage etc.

3. How do I Use Glixtone Sterilising Solution?

  • Firstly wash the affected areas with Glixtone Concentrate Sterilising Solution diluted 5 to 1 with water. If you wish mark the 240 ml. container into 5 equal parts which can then be mixed with 1 Litre of water, if you do not need to use 5 Litres. Allow to dry.

This may leave a ‘STAINED’ area that are Mould SPORES which will grow back very quickly.

  • On these ‘STAINED’ areas use Glixtone CONCENTRATE Sterilising Solution

UNDILUTED using a SPONGE and Rubber or Disposable Gloves and wipe over the stained area with the Sterilising Solution but DO NOT WASH OFF.

  • Leave to FULLY dry. This will both kill and seal the spores from oxygen and allow

Fungi-Shield to be painted on the whole area.

After 5 days this PAINTED area will be fully WASHABLE and give a HIGH QUALITY EMULSION FINISH. Ideal for any ‘INTERNAL’ areas that are susceptible to Mould or Organic growth including: Walls, Ceilings, Woodwork, Bathrooms, Shower Rooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Areas.

If you have any other questions please contact Emma or Nick 01527 599 470.